Wednesday, November 16, 2005

18-Year Old HS Student Elected Mayor!

First of all, english for a change.

Now our story. The city of Hillsdale, Michigan (population: 8200) just elected it's new mayor: Michael Sessions - an 18-year old high school student!

Sessions ran against the incumbant 51-year old mayor, and won by a only two votes, while just a year ago he lost when he ran for his school council Lol! He said he thought he "would give it a shot" and didn't know what would happen. He actually got the news from a friend, who heard the results on radio and sent him a message over the internet about it. Later that day, TV crews lined up outside his school that he had to be called out of class to do interviews.

His campaign started a month ago, and it costed $700, compared to the $70 million spent by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in NYC. He earned the $700 by selling caramel apples over the summer Lol! Allah edeem elrukh9.

The city's firefighters' union (3 votes only) endorsed him after they called his teachers to ask about him. :P

The former mayor is in a funny situation as he had only until Wednesday to challenge the results. I don't think he did, but, seriously, if you were in his shoes, would you do it? Just suck it up man and concede. Even if the recount changes the outcome, imagine the more media attention on you challenging a vote won by an 18-year old.

I'll leave you with some words of wisdom from the new Mr. Mayor I gathered from here and there:
"They'd look at me and say 'How old are you again? How much experience do you have?' And I say 'I'm still in high school."

About the thought of being a mayor not sinking in, he said "I think once I start meeting everybody, I'm going to flow right into it."

"I'm putting together a bunch of advisors. I contacted the former mayor ... and we're going to be sitting down Friday after school."

"I'll be in school from 8 to 2:30, then after 3 i'll be doing mayor stuff"

Hehe, "mayor stuff." I'm loving this guy! Gotta' love the language of a high school politician.


Q said...


yes this is definitely my favorite piece of news this year!

viva la revolution!

I give it 2 months and ull hear about a movie deal!

snookie said...

wow! lol!

Mushmushi said...

Power to the people... it would be nice if to publicize this story more, so that the Kuwaiti youth are encouraged to participate in political life.

P.S. Reading and writing in English is a breath of fresh air... keep it up, Jandeef :-)

AyyA said...

Amazing :)

Brava Valentia said...

weeh !! berbis ;s

Purgatory said...

Reminds me of Reese Weatherspoon.

شرقاوي said...
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MRXKWT said...

Zaydoun said...

purg... this guy doesnt look half as evil as Reese in "Election". God that movie was so great!

Jandeef said...

And i thought purg was talking about Legally blonde :P

Purgatory said...

No election as Z mentioned, but still I get images of her

Kthekuwaiti said...

See! Even in America, you don't have to have to complete high school to run for office .. why is everyone making a big deal about it here.

Hillsdale to Michigan is Mishref (Block 1, Street 4) to Kuwait