Friday, March 24, 2006


I was talking today with a friend about an issue that's been recurring in many Arab countries forever, and yet I learned something new about it. It's the issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - a.k.a. Female Circumcision.

As far as I know, some cultures of some countries are still doing it. After international pressure from human rights organizations, some have finally legislated new laws prohibiting such practices. I think Egypt and Sudan are amongst the latest even though it's still widely common there. It is a disgusting and inhumane practice; a violation of a woman's basic human rights. Who the hell are you to mess with a little girl's body because you're too lazy raising her well enough to not fornicate around!

Anyway, my friend told me that it's a common practice in the UAE. That's news to me. It's common, yet secretive. It's unheard of because no body talks about it. According to her, it's done for girls of age 10 to 13. A woman would come to the house, do her thing, get paid, and leave. As simple and secretive as that. I've read some are even done in hospitals!

My friend says that even the younger generation has no problem disclosing that they're planning to do it for their daughters in the future. Her Emarati friends say that it's 3adat O taqaled and it preserves the integrity of the girl. What integrity is left to the girl after you steel her innocence away because of your sick presumption of guilt? Why don't we cut off the boy's thing too to ensure he doesn't fornicate around either?

What's stunning is that my friend is a medical student, and those (her) Emarati friends are her classmates in college. So there you go. Long live the future, well-educated doctors.

Since this is news to me, I'm still hoping it's not true, or at least an exaggeration.

Imagine (and I'm not ruling it out) if this were part of our "3adat o taqaled o thawabit elommah," for which many of our so-called public figures and their followers are calling to preserve.


U.E. said...

??? Why would female circumsision effect a womans ability to 'fornicate' in anyway? I've heard of FGM and I am familiar with a couple of the excuses/reasons people use... but I've never heard that. Can you explain?

Petroleum Belly said...

Even worse the conditions that the circumcision takes places are highly un-sanitized (since they are underground), as a result, the women are prone to dangerous infections that may not only sterilize them but are also deadly.

Seriously, what kind of animal would have intercourse with a female, where he is pleasured, and she is just lying there. What is this obsession of cultures towards dehumanizing women?

kila ma6goog said...

احنا أمة العرب و الاسلام حالة ميؤوس منها

الضرب في الميت حرام

أحيانا أتمنى أن أكون قد ولدت سويسريا أو نيوزلنديا عايش بحالي أفضل ألف مرة من كوني عربي صاحب عادات و تقاليد و ثوابت و أمة متخلفة تعيسة أئن لحالها و تأن لحالي

الله كريم

HUG said...

. باللغة العربية تسمى ختان الأناث
وهي منتشرة بالسودان ومدن الصعيد بمصر لقربها من السودان. ومرجعها العادات والتقاليد الباليه البعيدة عن الاسلام الذي كرم المرأة وساواها بالرجل من حيث الحقوق والواجبات . وهو من وجهة نظرهم اجراء احترازي يحد من شهوة الاناث ويمنعهم من ممارسة الجنس قبل الزواج. أما عن انتشارها بالامارات فهي معلومة جديدة قد يكون مرجعها تواجد الجالية السودانيه للعمل هناك اضافة لحركة تجنيسهم كمواطنين اماراتيين

WHOYOU said...

السلام عليكم ... الموضوع اللي بالانجليزي ما ادري ليش مكتوب بالانجليزي ؟؟؟ انا واحد احس ماله داعي اقراه لان واضح مقصود حق فئة معينة والاخ جنديف على راحته ... بس حبيت من باب حرية الراي اني اعلق على موضوع ليش مبشر مسيحي ما يوطوط عندنا !!! تبون مبشر مسيحي يوطوط عندنا !!!!؟ خله يوطوط من راده !!؟ ليش نعترض على دور العبادة ونفس الوقت نبي نبني مساجد بكل مكان ؟؟؟ ليش لأ ؟ انا سؤالي ليش الاسئلة المحيرة بالنسبة لكم ما تتعبون على ايجاد جواب لها ؟؟؟ ليش هالسؤال ما يتوجه حق مسلم امريكي قريب عليك يا اخ جنديف وسهل انك توصل له ؟؟ ودي تعرفون الحق من الحين احسن من الواحد يتطنز على شرع الله ... يا خوفي بعدين تتواجهون انتوا مع المطير والخنة جدام رب العالمين ويطلع كلامكم غلط ... شنو راح يكون ردكم ؟؟؟ راح تقولون اشدرانا كلامهم عدل !!! هل راح تقولون عبالنا المطير بو سيكل خايف من الانتخابات وان الخنة متوهق مع الوسيلة ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

شرقاوي said...

I am not surprised that the phenomenon of FGM is still practiced.

What disturbs me is that a female medical student does not show any emotions toward such practice. Did she flunk the physiology course?

But then again, I do not see any reaction against male circumcision, either, amongst our majority.

Jandeef said...

Unknown Entity,
It takes out the "pleasure sensors" in that part of a woman's body. They can fornicate, but the desire to do so is almost eliminated by circumcision.

Petroleum Belly,
Very true. Some conditions are deadly.

Kila Ma6gog,
في ناس تمدح النرويج

Walla I still wouldn't rule out that it's an old custom, not an imported one.

عزيزي .. أنا أكتب في اللغة التي أحس أنها توصل رأيي وفكرتي أفضل ، في هذا الموضوع بالذات كنت مرتاح أكتب بالإنجليزي أكثر من العربي.

Regardless of emotions, just the fact that they're "the future doctors" strikes me as an odd. These are the people whom we're supposed to trust with our bodies and well being.

As I know, male circumcision's benefits outweigh its risks and the risks associated with not circumcising. It's mostly attributed to hygiene and disease prevention. Cancer is one of which.

فؤاد حيدر said...

ya yema3a
ya yema3a
kan weddy asharek bs qaweyah

خلصت المواضيع
يعني صج مالنا حق نختار المواضيع
يا يماعه هذا موضوع
الله يسامح اللي اختار

و انا بقول ليش اختاروه بالانجليزي
لأن عيب و احنا للحين نستحي
بس الله يهداك
جان كتبت عن جنان بوشهري
و دحول المرأه لانتخابات البلدي
مو وايد احسن

وجهة نظر

deleted said...


You are right & I've agreed with almost everything mentioned in your post until you mentioned:

were part of our "3adat o taqaled o thawabit elommah," ???

I hope i got you wrong and you did not refer circumsision to "Islam" when you said thawabit elommah.. cuz as we all know, Islam has nothing to do with FGM/circumsision, otherwise, S.A. would be first to implement it on females.

kila ma6goog:

الله يهنيهم فيك .. وايد ريايل سووها وهاجروا، وحياتك ولا اسهل منها .. بس يبيلها قرار .. عزززّم انت ولا اتحاتي

deleted said...

فؤاد حيدر

ya yema3a
ya yema3a

ما اخلصت المواضيع بس الريال يبي يتناقش بهالموضوع شالمشكلة
واشعلاقة اختيار الريال للغة ..بالحيا؟؟؟ مشاء الله عليك فاتتني شلون صدتها؟؟؟

وهم ماكو مشكله نكتب عن جنان بعد ما انخلص الختان .. لوووول صار سجع.. بس خنخلص من الختان .. انرد على جنان

وخوش وجهة نظر يا اخ فؤاد

kila ma6goog said...

أنا لو برميثية أصوت حق جنان

ماشاءالله جميلة و ويها يفتح النفس يخلي الواحد صج وده يتابع شغل البلدية

شرقاوي said...

Jandeef Khan,

Back in the 1980s, during the AIDS epedemic scare, our Minister of Health (then), in an interview with one of the local papers was asked about the threat to the general health in Kuwait.

His answer was that this will nver happen, because we are in a muslim country.

He was a former planning minister. And he was an adviser to the late emir.

How can one argue against such an authority

يالاحق خير...

شرقاوي said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that he was also a medical doctor.

googoosh said...

I was talking with my friend from Oman and she told me told that it is happing in Slalah and Yemen too. She told me she know PHD student who was having baby, told her that if its boy she is not going to Oman but if its girl she have too. She didn’t explain why she has to go, because where she lives can’t do the operation for the little girl.
That was shock for me because I thought it was in Egypt and Sudan.

NYchick said...

عزيزي جنديف
ما ودي اضيق خلقك زود و اخيب ظنك لكن للاسف المعلومة صحيحة اميه بالاميه

انا اكتشفتها قبل سنتين بس و انصدمت, و الي وصلت لي المعلومة بنت شابه عانت من هالمصيبة

انا كنت اعرف انه منتشر في مصر و اذكر اني تناقشت حول الموضوع هذا مع استاذه جامعية هني متخصصة في حقوق الانسان لكن حسب ذاكرتي ما كانت تعرف عن الامارات

شكرا لك على طرح الموضوع

و انشاء الله نتخلص من النعام الي يحب يدفن راسه في الرمل

Q8_First said...


I didn’t know that it is practiced in UAE or Oman!!

As a medical student I’ve studied about FGM & I still wonder how do these people insist to practice such a crime against any human being or even animals!

I got to know that it’s 4 types & that type 3& 4 (less common) include more than removing any external genitalia to stitching, narrowing of vagina, pricking, piercing & incising!!!

The health consequences are hemorrhage, shock, sever pain, urinary retention, infection, scarring of tissue, bleeding from scars, cysts, complications in childbirth,…etc.

Yet, the percentage of women ages 15-49 who have undergone FGM for year 1995 in Egypt is 97%!!!!! & It is 89%in Sudan for the year 1989-1990.

What makes me really angry is that 82% of the people support FGM in Egypt (the opinion of both sex!!) against 13% only against it (the rest answered: don’t know)

In Sudan, 79% support FGM, whereas 21% oppose it.


Can anybody think of a logical reason for their attitude?

Erzulie said...

Shocking statistics...what/who's the source, q8first?

A3sab said...

Shargawi, when boys are circumcised they do not lose their sense of pleasure, its done purely for hygiene.

As for girls its mutilation. I once saw a documentary on CNN more than a decace ago about how girls are circumcised in Egypt. The reporter who was a young egyptian lady was defamed and instead of being seen as a hero she was seen as a villain by Egyptian media and the public. That was reaally sad.

The fact that it's practiced in the UAE and Oman is just devastating.

Q8_First said...


It was one of the lectures about women health in demography (Faculty of Medicine -KU Univ.) giving by prof. N.Shah.

So I don't know the source of each study exactly, but it's usually from ministry of heath or medical faculties in those countries. Unless it's formal or based on right statistic procedure we wouldn't be studying it.

If you are interested I can ask prof. Shah for you.

Just ask :)

شرقاوي said...

بعد الإذن من جنديف خان،


Many practices were used in the not-so-distant past for hygienic purposes. And they are not used at present.

Examples: The use of DDT to fumigate the hair and clothes of school children.

And now, due to increased health awareness, and also to the availability of clean warter, soap, shampoo, etc., there is no need for such practices.

As for male circumcision, the removal of the foreskin has the effect of increasing the sensitivity, and the consequent shorter time it takes to reach a climax.

I believe that this may be a cause of problems for some males, and cause of frustration for their partners.

وسامحونا على هاللقافة...

snookie said...

a7med rabi i was born and raised where i was..

Erzulie said...

q8_first: Thanks for clarifying oo ya36eek il 3afya :)

bazoon said...

Jandeef ,

can we have new subject !!! plz

AyyA said...

Sorry for missing this brilliant post Jandeef, incidentally; I just finished reading a book that covers F.G.M. and Islam, and I will write about it as soon as I get the materials ready. Thank you for bringing the subject up. It is sad that not only illiterates perform this barbaric act on their female children, but also the highly educated.

kenisha said...

I know that my post is a bit late. I am producing a digital story on FGM and wanted to talk to a victim or experts in this field. If so, please feel free to email me at Have a great day.